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      4. New Product

        Successfully rely on products and win trust from satisfied services

        About Qimei Cleaning

        Set design and development, high quality production, diversified sales as a whole, have rich export production experience

        Company Profile

        Taizhou Shi Qimei Cleaning Machinery Co.,Ltd. is a professional production-oriented enterprise, integrating design and development, high-quality production and diversified sales, and has extensive experience in export production...


        The company has passed ISO9001: 2000 international quality system certification, the only designated products in domestic universities and municipal colleges and equipment and foreign open tender, repeatedly won the...

        Company Environment

        Fully satisfying the ever-evolving market demand, "strict material selection, precision manufacturing, high technology, and sincere service" are our business objectives. Our goal is to lead our employees to improve...



        Contact Us

        By the way below, we always welcome you to contact us.
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